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Turkish Citizenship



What Are The Advantages Of Turkish CitizenShip and How To Get It?


Turkey Is Visited By Millions Of People All Over The World Every Year. Turkey Has A Wealth Of Natural Beauty, Cultural Values, Historical Structures, And Geographical Advantage. Nowadays It Is Very Easy To Get Turkish Citizenship And A Turkish Passport. Being A Turkish Citizen Provides Many Benefits. Foreigners Can Acquire Turkish Citizenship, Once You Have A Turkish Passport, You Can Travel To 110 Countries Visa-free Or With E-visa. Here Are Legal Ways To Get Turkish Citizenship:





1. Terms:

a) Must be Bought From Turkish Citizen.

b) Must Not Sell For 3 Years.

c) Worth $250.000 or Above.

d) SPK Report showing the Real Value of the Property.

e) Procedures to be Arranged with the Seller Company and Lawyers

F) Only Family Members Under 18 are Included in the application.



2. Bank Investment:

a) Must Invest $500.000 in A Bank for 3 Years.

b) Must Certify the Investment In Ministry Of Economy.


Or Company Establishment

a) Establish a Company In Turkey and Provide jobs to 50 Turkish Citizens.



3. Marriage:


a) Must Be Married to A Turkish Citizen for at less 3 Years.

b) Must live together with Turkish Citizen.

c) No Criminal Records.

d) Must Have a Certified Birth Certificate.

e) Must not cause danger to national security.



4. Residence:


a) Must Be Living in Turkey for 5 continuous years.

b) During these five years maximum of 6 months allowed out of Turkey

c) must prove well of staying in turkey by either:

- buy property at any value

- Start work

- invest in turkey

- work permit

- having 1 class relative with Turkish citizenship

- finished education in turkey

- must apply to all family members.

- no criminal records

d) not sick with any infectious diseases

e) Can Speak Enough Turkish language.

f) Can support himself financially

g) does not cause danger to the country's national security.



5. Exceptional:


a) For Humanitarian Immigrants

b) Those who can be important for turkey

c) Those who provided great services to turkey



6. Adoption:


a) Any Turkish citizen can Adopt any person under 18 years old.

b) should not cause danger to the national security.



7. Turkish Origin:

a) Must prove his Turkish origin through documents.

b) must live legally minimum of 2 years in Turkey.




Place of application:




Hırka-i Şerif 34091 , Fatih/İstanbul

Tel: 0212499400