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Marriage Status In Turkey

It is Possible for Foreigners to Marry In Turkey With Very Simple Procedures, Turkish Marriage Laws Are The Similar to European Laws. The marriage certificate will be recognized internationally, All marriages in Turkey must be performed under the authority of the Turkish Civil Code to be legally recognized. Religious ceremonies are not legally recognized. 

Main Required Papers for Marriage:

1. Certified Marital Status Certificate, Proofing You Are Not Married.

2. Certified Birth Certificate.

Citizenship By Marriage:

a) Must Be Married to A Turkish Citizen for at less 3 Years.

b) Must live together with Turkish Citizen.

c) No Criminal Records.

d) Must Have a Certified Birth Certificate.

e) Must not cause danger to national security.

Children Privilege Status:

1. All Children Will Have Turkish Citizenship If One Of the Parents is a Turkish Citizen.

2. All Children Will Have Free Education Regardless of The Nationality.

3. All Children Will Have Free Medical Care Until 18 Years Old.

4. All Children Will Have Free Transportation till 6-Year-Old and Discounted Prices After That.