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Who needs Visa to Turkey?

Visitors from the following countries will require an entry visa in order to be able to enter turkey, if you have or had a Schengen visa in your passport, you may apply online for e-Visa here. For more Information on the E-Visa Subject and details please visit this link. In addition, you will need to have travel insurance, and a plane ticket, and hotel booking proof.

Foreigners who will shoot a documentary film conduct research or an archeological excavation should get special permission from the Turkish authorities in advance. In order to enter Turkey having a visa with 30 / 90 days “duration of stay”, foreigners should hold a travel document valid at least for an additional 60 days on top of the required visa period.  Please note that some countries have age restrictions such as Algeria and Libya, you will need to research that.

The Following Map Shows Which Countries Require Turkish Visa:

Information Source From WikiPedia Click Here for More Information.

Top Visitors to Turkey are From These Countries 2019 Statistics:

1. RUSSIA = 7.017.657
2. GERMANY = 5.027.472
3. BULGARIA = 2.713.464
4. BRITAIN = 2.562.064
5. IRAN = 2.102.890
6. GEORGIA = 1.995.254
7. UKRAINE = 1.547.996
8. IRAQ = 1.374.896
9. NETHERLAND = 1.117.290
10. AZERBAIJAN = 901.723

If it happens and you need a visa to Turkey then you will have to make an appointment online by visiting the Turkish embassy reservation central reservation system by clicking here. you must prepare the following papers with you in order to get the visa

1. Valid Passport covering the duration of the visa required + 60 days.
2. Travel Insurance
3. Bank Statement 6 months.
4. Ticket Two Ways
5. Confirmed Hotel Booking
6. Letter from your workplace place proving you are still on the payroll. (Not Always Required)
7. Address proof.
8. ID and Local Visa copy of the country you are living in if you are a foreigner.
9. Additional documents as hospital reports if you are traveling for treatment.
10. Unversity admission letter if you are traveling as a student.
11. Invitation letter if you are traveling for business.
12. Criminal Report ( in Some Cases)
13. Visa Fees Payment

for further information please visit this link click here.