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Turkey has the largest ICU bed capacity per 100 thousand people compared to most European countries. In Turkey, there are nearly 46 ICU beds per 100 thousand people, according to 2018 data of the Turkish Ministry of Health, and the total number of hospital beds reached 231,913 units, while the US has 34.7 and Germany 29.2 beds. the number of hospitals in Turkey reached 1,534 last year, of which 577 were private and 68 university hospitals. And With a Total Number of Health Care Staff of Over 1.000.000 Workers, Turkey’s mortality rate in this period is also one of the lowest compared to many European countries. The mortality rate in Turkey is %2.3 compared to %10.5 in Spain, %13.2 in Italy, %17.3 in France, and %13.5 in the UK.


There Is A Substantial Medical Tourism Business In Turkey, With Almost 178 Thousand Tourists Visiting For Health Purposes In The First Six Months Of 2018. 67% Used Private Hospital, 24% Public Hospitals, And 9% University Hospitals. The Regulation On International Health Tourism And Tourist Health Came Into Force On July 13th, 2017. It Only Applies To Those Coming Specifically For Treatment


The Ministry of Health is in charge of all health services in Turkey. Turkey is a strong competitor in healthcare when compared with other countries such as; the US, Germany, and England are a few. The current statistics show Turkey as a low-cost health provider compared to these nations.

Here’s an Average Example. For a Heart Bypass Surgery:

in The US it Would Cost          $129,750.00,
in Germany Would Cost          $17,355.00,
in England, it would Cost        $27,770.00.
in Turkey, Would Cost             $12,000-15,000.

Don't Think The Lower Price Means A Lower Level Of Quality. There Are More Than 60 Internationally Competitive Medical Faculties In Turkey, Which Are Training Thousands Of Turkish And Foreign Medical Students. This Training Allows Turkey To Reach Certification Standards For Physicians Which In Turn Ensures Successful Medical Results In A Wide Variety Of Fields. Almost Every Major Pharmaceutical Company Such As Pfizer, Glaxo-smith-kline, Johnson & Johnson Is Already Situated In Turkey Alongside Regional As Well As Some Local Manufacturers


Currently, There Are Five Ways To Benefit From The Turkish Health Care System, All Of Them Depends On The Health Insurance, Any Normal Person With His Family Can Join The National Health Insurance System By Paying Monthly Fees For The Insurance As Following:

1. General Insurance For Those Who are Jobless (Turkish Citizens) Costs Around 8$ A Month Per Family.

2. Sgk Health Insurance For Those Who Have Jobs And Costs Around 90$.

3. Bağ-kur Which Is For Those Foreigners Who Run Private Businesses Or Companies Or Self-employed Costs Around 90$.

4. Private Health Insurance For Foreigners Costs Differs Depending On Age, Ranging From 35$ To 150$ Per Year Not A Month.

5. Special Insurance For Retired People, Which Is Covered By The Government.


There Are Two Ways To Do That, First Way Is To Call The 182 Number And Setup Up An Appointment Through The Operator.

The Second Way Is Through An Online Mobile Application Named  "182 Merkezi" You Can Download It From The Google App Store, Or Visit The Website Of The Ministry Of Health Appointment System By Clicking Here, You Must Create An Account And Fill Up Your Information And Then You May Choose Your Hospital And Doctor And Set An Appointment.

Please Note That For Emergency Cases You Don't Need An Appointment, Just Go Directly To The Nearest Available Hospital And Enter The Emergency Door They Will Assist You There And Evaluate Your Case.

Also, You Can Call The Ambulance By Calling 112, They Will Support You Online While The Ambulance Is On The Way To Your Location, It Is a Free Of Charge Service. Response Time Usually Is Within 10 Minutes They Will Be In Your Location With A Professional Team For Your Help.


In General Dental Treatments Are Not Covered By Government Hospitals, Although The Services And Treatment Are Available In The Hospitals, But The Waiting Time Is Too Long, Therefor Most Patients Prefer Going To The Private Sector Where They Get Better Services And Fast Appointments, These Private Clinics Charge 50% To 70% Less Than What Is Being Charged In The Us, Uk, Eu. 


In General Patients Above 18 Years Old With Sgk Health Insurance Pay Around 10% To 20% Off The Medication Cost,  And The Case Is Similar With The Other Health Insurance Types, Only The Ratios Differ From One Insurance Type To The Other. And You Can Buy Most Of The Normal Use Medicines Without Prescription Except For The Antibiotics And Other Heavy Treatments. Most Of The Medications Are Sold Are At a Very Low Cost.